Happy National Purple Day!


Purple isn’t exactly my natural shade but I have plenty of purple sweaters. This combo is actually from my mumsy’s closet, however, because – why not? One of the perks of having a cute, hip mom is getting to pick out (and then steal) her clothes.

I can’t believe how amazingly stormy and wicked it is outside. It’s ‘spring’ break and the skies have opened up like crazy while the wind has taken to a bit of pruning. Seriously gross, saddening weather… Oh well. Just a reason to stay inside and work more, I guess. Always working!


P.S. Everyday should be National Tutu Day! Tammy’s Tutus has your colors, your size, and your style. The handmade tutus are perfect for any occasion and they even do custom orders for weddings, proms, photoshoots, and more!

P.S. Christmas Cards for Schools is a fundraising program for primary schools in the UK. Parents purchase professionally printed Christmas cards with their child’s artwork and raise money!

P.S. Echo is a software outsourcing company that gives web development with care. The experts at Echo work out of Lviv, Ukraine and are specialized in some of the most intricate coding and framework development.

P.S. My Style Wine sells wine accessories and giftware – perfect for any wedding gifts! Every day is a holiday and they’ve got everything you need for a beautiful celebration. Plus, get free shipping with no minimum purchase in the lower 48 states!

P.S. It’s also National Spinach Day for the vegans out there. Celebrate by going green with this Organic, Sweatshop-Free, Cruelty-free clothing line called Vegan Apparel! Check them out on Instagram @veganapparel and Twitter @vapparelus.


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