Happy National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day!


Today’s holiday required quite a bit of searching across the grocery store, although I was looking in the right place. Scouring the candy aisle for something very particular is like looking for a needle in a haystack! I found Eric’s friend Kirby in the bakery in the back and he was really nice and sent me back to double check my first guess. In fact, I mentioned what I was looking for and he said, “oh yeah – that’s the national holiday today, right?” Yes! That made my day right there. Well, after a more careful look the second time around, I found what I was looking for. Lucky me! Happy holidays with a fun, delicious snack! I’m not sure we can call it healthy because the chocolate probably cancels out the raisins. At least you might break even?

Major news alert! We picked up my wedding gown and ordered Eric’s and my father’s suits. Thank goodness we will be dressed on our wedding day! Fhew – that was a big relief. We’re getting closer to the big day!


scarfP.S. 3rdeye Brand has some of the coolest clothing out there with hand crafted, artistically designed fashions. It’s a breath of fresh wear… Seeing is believing!

P.S. Store Passion is an online entertainment retail auction site that offers you the possibility to purchase products at up to 90% off. You can compete for your desired product, using the bids you have purchased, to win at the best price.

Bella-Rae-ModelP.S. Bella Rae Skin Care has natural skin care products that really work. If only your skin could giggle; every household needs a jar of Shea Body Butter because it is giggly good!

P.S. Looking for the perfect birthday or greeting card gift? The Diploma Store sells everything from home school diplomas to a ‘master of weasels’ joke diploma.

P.S. Slim Owl is a charming little etsy shop with beautifully crafted, super useful leather wallets, card holders, and phone pouches. Get a sleek piece that will last for a long time at a small price.


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