Happy National OK Day!



Okay! Ok! Okee dokee! I’m almost free! Technically it’s been spring break since my last final but somehow things haven’t slowed down one bit! This morning I went over to Corvallis to play oboe at a church and now I have oboe lessons coming up this afternoon. With 35 orders sitting in my Fiverr queue I just need some time to do nothing but it doesn’t look like that time is coming anytime soon. Okay. Alright – I can do this. What else could my response be on a holiday like this? I suppose it’s a lovely reminder that no matter what life throws at you, you have to just say okaaayyy and go along with it.


Did you know that ‘OK’ originates as a joking abbreviation for ‘all correct’? Over the years it’s morphed into one of the most common piece of conversation that has even found its way into other languages! Happy holidays and a big thumbs up to you all! Oh! And I forgot to share my Seattle adventure so here’s a little picstitch of some food and sights on our little jaunt downtown. : )


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