Happy National Spring Fairy Fun Day!


Today is our ‘fun time’ of the ‘tour’ in ‘Seattle’. Just kidding, most of those statements didn’t need to be questioned… I’ll let you decide which one actually does. While everyone was being fun college students and partying or having a good time I was very much asleep! My mumsy trained me since birth that 9 PM is my bed time and I still basically stick to that principal. Last night it was stretched all the way up to 10:30 but I will have none of that “I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM” business! Nuh uh – I have cells to regenerate!


This morning’s breakfast at the hotel is one of the nicest continental breakfasts I’ve seen. Real food? Wow! I’m sure my Seattle food adventures this morning will be more fun but I’m not sure I’ll have wifi so I have to do this now. Why don’t I have one of those fancy internet cards? I should look into that. In any case, enjoy the photo of my food and perhaps you’ll get something more interesting if you check in again tomorrow. Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering who that guy is back at the top of the page: that’s Sam, my incredibly unenthused spring fairy! He didn’t want to play holiday mascot, but does he really have a choice? No! Happy holidays everybody and have a fairy fun day!


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