Happy National Kiss Your Fiancée Day!


I’m done! It’s over! Finals were smashed into submission under my knowledgeable fist! Now onto spring break, right? Oh, wait… No. Nope, not yet. The PSU Wind Symphony is going on tour today and tomorrow up to Seattle to play at some high schools for recruiting. Last night we had a concert an hour away and tonight we leave for the overnight portion of our journey. Looking forward to it because we get to explore Seattle tomorrow but it definitely comes at a cost. Unfortunately I’m much too far away from Eric to kiss my fiancé today (long distance suuuucks) and I have to miss out on Cassie’s rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. If I miss my mark and screw up her wedding on Saturday it’s Dr. Higgins to blame! Enjoy your holidays and someone go give Eric a kiss for me – preferably a kind old lady and not a ‘hot young thang’!


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  1. Have you ever done a national favorite piece of jewelry day, or just jewelry day? 😉 Would love to see that one.

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