Happy National Chocolate Caramel Day!

chocolate caramelHello!

Yum! Two of my favorite things in one delicious place. I didn’t even mind tossing way too much money over the counter of the over-priced convenience store so that I could enjoy this. I have my level change jury today and while I am prepared and ready I’m also a little nervous, obviously. I systematically tested and adjusted reeds this morning, ran through everything, and now I’m on wind down mode. The Pretty Little Liars finale, blog time, and snacking is all I can do to not panic! Wish me luck everybody and grab a chocolatey-caramely treat and celebrate.


P.S.  Ever wonder, ‘how big is Russia‘? Get all of the interesting answers to feed your curiosity from a great blogger! Did you know that Russia is almost twice the size of the US? Learn the facts!

ewe neekP.S. Based in Australia, Ewe-Neek Krochet specializes in beautiful handcrafted crochet hats, blankets, hair pins, and whatever else you can think up. Every item is handcrafted with 100% acrylic wool!

P.S. True romance story: one guy was tired of his girlfriend watching cat memes all day long and he wrote a letter to her in a third person. Her reaction was: she smiled and draw cute pictures to his letter! This funny article (follow the link) is a result of their collaboration.

photoP.S. Tikr is a community driven app that brings you future releases and events you can get excited about. From entertainment to gaming to emerging technology, now you can find something to look forward to. Life is fun when you have something to look forward to. Get excited on Tikr!

P.S. Zing Factory is your one-stop shop for comedic web series and pop culture countdowns. Zany, outrageous entertainment served weekly! Check out the YouTube channel trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EluV5AHJZQg Episodes start April 1st!


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