Happy National Awkward Moments Day!

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This blog has thoroughly permeated my life. It’s like a curse that I’ve somehow put on myself to live according to these holidays without even planning. Usually it’s a blessing – like National Chili Day when I happened to have randomly stashed a single can of chili in the cupboard and thus was blessed with an easy dinner – but today it definitely resembles a curse. Last night, I kid you not, I was looking at the holidays coming up before I hit the hay and I thought ‘oh great – let’s see what I do tomorrow to embarrass myself’… I knew I wasn’t going to have to try to have an awkward moment but I thought I would at least have to beef it up a little. Alright, I know – you’re looking at that photo up there thinking ‘what in the world did she actually do?’

First of all, it’s finals week. That means my schedule is totally off and I’m just running around trying to keep track of the very important things I have to do and hoping that I’m not late for anything. This morning I dutifully woke up at 6 AM to get ready, do some Fiverr work, and warm up and stretch for my conducting final. It was scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8 AM so I raced on over to Lincoln Hall and arrived at the door at 8 on the dot. But it was eerily quiet and the door was closed? I, like an idiot, pressed my ear up to the door to hear if my classmates were inside and silently panicked when it was quiet and the door was locked. *Cue frame #1: They must have started without me. I pounded on the door hoping to be let inside and my heart was racing while I was jogging my memory – did we change classrooms? It’s 8 AM, right? *Cue frame #2: Now I was in total panic mode. I whipped out my phone and dialed up my friend in the class to double check the information. I was muttering expletives and thinking the worst case scenario was that I missed my final exam. I shocked the hell out of him asking about it when he was ‘pretty sure’ it’s scheduled for Thursday. Not thinking, I then dialed up my professor, who’s number I have from working with in pep band, and I heard a very groggy “Carrie?” on answer on the other end. *Cue frame #3: Ooohh myyy goodness… slamming my head into the wall I realized that I was completely wrong about the date and had just woken up my professor at his home in his bed to mindlessly ask a now very obvious question. So many finger guns were pointing at my head in that moment. *Cue frame #4. Here we are now. Embarrassed beyond belief, dreading seeing him at rehearsal tonight, praying that my performance on Thursday morning will be enough to make up for this seriously awkward moment. This blog is a curse, I tell you! A curse! No happy holidays today!
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