Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

St. Patty


And so finals week commences! I’ve never been one to ‘cram’ so it’s actually a more relaxing week than with all-day classes on a regular day. I had my first final in piano which I aced and I’m off to give my oral interview for my French Film class. Not too worried about it because I speak well, I just have to be sure that I leave on time to get there and don’t get distracted for too long doing this. Good thing I have extra time tonight to practice!

It’s St. Patty’s day so everyone’s wearing green to avoid pinching. How violent! This is basically a very-very-very toned down link to gangs attacking others for wearing the wrong colors. I do admit that I dolled up the green a little bit for the holiday but in all reality I’m wearing a blue sweater in the real world. Apparently the University isn’t as celebratory (probably because everyone in Portland is too cool for everything) so it’s not like elementary school where everyone paints themselves green to avoid a pinch from a girl with cooties. Grab a beer if you’re legal, wear green, and celebrate!


P.S. Are you interested in norse-mythology? Here’s a site for like minded people to learn about some interested history and mythology. Also check out their FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter for daily posts.

P.S. Chefmixer offers a restaurant experience in your own home! Buy a menu from a local chef and they’ll cook it at your house! Plus, get a free $10 gift card when they launch!

P.S. Nostalgia Kids is a site dedicated to kids’ TV and movie nostalgia. Enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows and re-live the happier times of your childhood with your favorite characters!

P.S. Are you looking for a job? JobsBall is the one stop shop for jobs with a site job board, cover letter, CV, and resume templates, as well as other widgets and links to aid your search.

P.S. JapaneseVideocast.com is a cool new language learning website! It’s fun, natural, and effective. Check out the video below to see it in action and start learning a new language!


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