Happy National Lips Appreciation Day!


Today my mumsy and I went to see Les Miserables at the community theatre in Salem and it was absolutely spectacular. First of all, it’s just a great show with such powerful music and a great story line. The shows are usually pretty high quality there but it was especially amazing and the cast was spot on. Every single cast member lived up to their role and they played that small stage very well. In order to take advantage of the entire stage space with such a large cast they had to nix the pit orchestra and use midi (basically) music for the show. I would have preferred a live orchestra but it was well done and fairly realistic sounding with no mishaps getting off from the cast. Plus, all of the notes were right in the orchestra score! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and now all of that music is stuck in my head. In fact, I’m streaming the new version of it right now… obviously. Quick move over to the actual reason you’re reading this blog – If I didn’t have lips it would be pretty hard to sing along and our faces would look really strange. Can you even imagine? I’m rocking some pink lipstick right now and making plenty of weird faces at myself in the mirror… obviously. Happy holidays! I’m ready f0r finals week to commence tomorrow, I think?


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