Happy National Quilting Day!



I made a quilt with my grandma when I was younger to match my bedroom and that was a really great experience to spend time with her and learn a new craft, although I remember very little about sewing and quilting now. I probably couldn’t even thread the machine properly without someone leading me through the steps. It turned out really well and actually get a ribbon at the fair. Shout out to all of the quilters who are making the world a little warmer!

This morning we got an early start and took part in the 5K charity event for the Albany Schools Foundation. The last time we did one of these was for a breast cancer event when I was so small they had to carry me. This time I could do it by myself! Of course we walked because I’m not a runner but it was really fun and I feel good! We did it in one hour and three minutes with a coffee, easy pace, and some lovely chatter.


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