Happy National Pi Day!


Remember that reference to a fun slime video a while back? Well, the time has finally come to reveal it to you! If you want to see buckets of slime poured on my head in honor of Pi Day you definitely should watch the video above. Alright, alright… I know I was crazy to do this – especially for someone on the internet I don’t know – but it was a blast and the compensation was well worth an extra shower for the day!

Pi day was always widely celebrated in the math department at my high school so there were pie eating contests, pies to the face, and pi recitation contests. My sophomore year we were actually given a ‘pop quiz’ to recite at least 10(?) digits and I complained bitterly about how stupid it was and that it was an absolute waste of my time and was nothing more than a gimmick but now I’m pretty glad that I have that gimmick under my belt! I even have a catchy little rhythm I use to remember it: 3.14159 2 6 535 8 979 323 and then I just start to make up numbers and hope that some of them actually fit correctly. I know it’s not super impressive (and might actually be wrong because I don’t care enough to fact check my memory) but I guess I should thank Mr. Williams for making us do it. It’s weird what nonsense you retain…

Going home for the last weekend of the term and hoping that the Amtrak bus won’t get stuck in traffic but heavens knows it will take three times longer to get home than it should! Have a lovely Pi Day everyone and enjoy this amazingly beautiful spring day!


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