Happy National Organize Your Home Office Day!


Flies into apartment, hastily tosses a duo of frozen burritos into the microwave, scrambles onto and falls off of yoga ball at desk, opens six tabs, beings typing furiously. Today is one of those days that just won’t end. Sure, it had a late start without conducting class this morning but when it’s moved to the evening and doubled in length the one semblance of downtime I have is rapidly diminished, if not destroyed. I haven’t had one chance to catch my breath today, except for my hour lunch break which I stupidly wasted with Psych and Chipotle – curses!

I keep a little black notebook for all of my oboe lesson dates and Fiverr orders because a) I love checking things off lists and b) I would be absolutely lost without it. This morning I updated it and made sure I had everything squared away, although it’s not complete now after orders came in throughout the day… No matter where I am – PDX, bus, or home – that’s my little office and it’s just as organized as it needs to be.

Carrie (annnnd… I’m late)

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