Happy National Napping Day!



Why do I not live in Hawaii or Arizona where this thing doesn’t happen? I don’t care if it saves money on energy bills! Daylight savings time is absolute torture. The Monday after daylight savings is always National Napping Day and I definitely need it but do I have time for it?… No! Maybe I’ll just rest my eyes for a mi….

It also happens to be the International Day of Awesomeness! Today I had not-quite-awesome sax techniques, sort-of-awesome theory class, the-usual-amount-of-awesome Wind Symphony rehearsal, scary-awesome piano class, super-duper-actually-so-awesome oboe lesson, productively-awesome work time, and what-should-be-an-awesome Oregon Symphony concert tonight! Happy holidays!


P.S.  C2Class is an e-learning, online educational platform for talented individuals, academic instructors, and institutions. They provide students and teachers with a knowledge-sharing platform, similar to an ‘educational eBay’.

P.S. Cupidos is a fun and simple game to play on a date! Goodbye awkward! Finally there’s a cool way to way to break the ice. Click the link and fund this cool game.

P.S. There are engineering employment opportunities in the oil and energy industry in Alberta. If you are a qualified engineering candidate you should send your resume to the Trabero Group at info@traberogroup.com and find information at http://www.traberogroup.com/

P.S. Jewelry Bratz is a new online website that sells adorable jewelry and hair bows. It started as a project between mom and daughter to teach work ethic and money management and it’s growing in popularity! Also check out their Instagram @jewelrybratz.

got_green_teeP.S.Get this limited edition tee before it’s gone! For only $12 you can order this cool shirt and be ready for Saint Patrick’s Day or just any day.


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