Happy International Women’s Day!


I’m rushing to do this right now, scrambling actually, because when I don’t completely plan my day out I always seem to get to the end of it and scream internally, I FORGOT TO DO MY BLOG! Then the panic sets in as I race to my computer and frantically start typing! This morning I slept in because it’s Saturday and I could – why not, and then I had my three great oboe students over for lessons, and raced over to the card/comic shop in Albany to play board games with Eric. I am so, so, so, into nerdy board games and I love to play a big ol’ strategy and kick everyone’s butts! It wasn’t a big showing (just me, Eric, and the card shop owner) but four or five hours later I was still smiling and we had a great time. Now we’re off to play pool at an undisclosed location because our connection has keys so we can ‘sneak’ in. Should be fun. Plus they have a piano there so I can practice for my class on Monday. Always multitasking and sucking the fun out of everything – that’s me!

Alright, as for the holidays… Enough chatter, right? It’s National Girls Write Now Day to empower female authors, bloggers, and writers, National Genealogy Day to trace back and appreciate our origins, International Fanny Pack Day although those really should never come back, National Proofreading Day which I’m going to do just as soon as I have it all typed out, and International Women’s Day because feminism is cool and we need to rally around our gender! Happy holidays everyone, there’s plenty to celebrate, and I hope that you all had a smashing Saturday!


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