Happy National Cereal Day!



Remember senioritis from high school? I was too set on the prize for that to hit me hard but I seem to be experiencing end-of-term-itis. We are so stinking close to spring term and I can’t wait to have sprrinnng break b*tches! But seriously my spring break involves being a bridesmaid, playing oboe for a church, visiting the dentist, having a check up with the doctor, and sleeping a whole lot. Nothing too crazy but still important nonetheless. Point is, I skipped sax tech this morning so I have to make myself feel okay with it. That’s right, I’m being a little rebellious! I had 9 weeks of perfect attendance so I deserve an extra hour this morning.

Happy National Cereal Day! I’m celebrating with a fresh bag of Special K and a good dose of milk with my cup of Tazo tea. Plus, it’s National Dress in Blue Day and so you can see that I’m wearing the right colors. Blue jeans, blue top, blue cardi, blue scarf; I’m ready for the day with a good breakfast and a cute outfit! And I’m home in T-minus 6 hours! Whoo!


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