Happy National Discover What Your Name Means Day!


So many people are blessed with interesting names that hold traditional meaning or some great symbolism and while I love my name it happens to be a little blunt. Carrie/Carry: support and move (someone or something) from one place to another… Welp, that was easy. Anything else to do today? I suppose not?

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday… The usual class routine this morning went fine and then I grabbed an aaaamazing cheeseburger from a food cart on the way home. I really needed a big, huge burger and fries to give me some pep to get things done in the afternoon. I’ve gotten quite a bit done already and I’m ready to power through and knock out a bunch of work! Of course my Psych marathon on Netflix helps too. : )


48avatar1P.S. Spring is on the way at Vintage Imagine on Etsy! To celebrate, all jewelry sections are featured in our “Spring Forward Sale” at 10% off, while Clearance remains at 20% ~ so “Spring Forward” with a vintage

P.S. Lorraine Giordana is an alternative healer who wants to help women be more healthy with less stress. Inspired to Health has all of her information and blog.

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