Happy National Bachelor’s Day!



This cute little bachelor is off the market ladies! Technically he doesn’t have a ring on it, yet, but that doesn’t mean he has free reign. Of course he spent his day of freedom with me, like a gentleman. : )

We had a really great Portland day today and I let a little bit of my ‘money scrooge’ self go away and we splurged on city fun. We started our day off with some amazing donuts at Blue Star Donuts aka. Donuts for Grownups. I actually found out about them on a Food Network Channel donut episode and then realized they’re only a 20 minute walk away! Blueberry bourbon basil, crème brulée, and hard apple cider fritter were great choices! donutsNothing disappointed and we’re thinking about going back tomorrow morning before he catches the bus home. Then we had a gnarly concoction of tater tots, cheese, and country gravy at a really interesting bar/diner/hang-out place called The Roxy. Definitely not my scene but Eric enjoyed it quite a bit. Ryker, Eric’s long-time friend, happened to be in PDX today so we met up with him, helped him find a burrito from a food cart, and had a lovely walk around the Oregon Historical Society Museum. Coffee at the Park Avenue Cafe and then we sent him off on the MAX. It really is one of the first times that I’ve explored Portland and tried some new stuff. I know I still haven’t really left downtown but I don’t feel like I need to because there’s so much stuff even in this small, dense area. Plus, I can’t afford to do this any more than on just very special occasions! Mini-golfing with Lindsey and David tonight to top it all off. Today’s your day bachelors – so make the most of it being wild and free or spend it with some special lady instead if that’s more your idea of a good time.


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P.S. This pop rock artist from Ukraine is the perfect music to listen to when you want to do a little head bobbing and pick your day up a little bit. This live piano performance by Ksenia is super worth the listen! Check it out the talent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK7wkFgihFI


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