Happy National Floral Pattern Day!



I realized today while looking through my closet for a floral anything how little of it I actually have. I have this top, which I actually pulled from the bottom of my hamper (gasp), and one more floral top that I don’t actually like much anymore but can’t seem to throw out. The rest have patterns so small that they could actually pass for polka dots. Oh well! I’m on to polkas and stripes as my new fad so there’s nothing to cry about.

Busy, busy, busy day with classes this morning a seriously rushed Fiverr work time (6 articles in an hour – I’m getting so fast!) and the orchestra dress rehearsal and concert coming up very soon. Plus Eric’s here for the weekend so I can’t just hunker down and work, work, work. I have to like converse, be nice, breathe. It’s kind of a weird feeling!

Oh, and of course Happy Leap Day!


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