Happy National For Pete’s Sake Day!



It’s only Wednesday? For Pete’s sake! This could turn into a serious negative nancy ramble day but I seem to do that much too often. Whoever this Pete is, a lot of people care about his welfare… And always at the most inopportune times! Isn’t that interesting? Such a weird phrase to have gained immense traction in the English language. Printer’s broken? For Pete’s sake! Only 84% on that test? For Pete’s sake! It’s not bed time, yet? For Pete’s sake!


Jameson23P.S. Blue Grass Belts is a start up out of Lexington, Kentucky that makes high-quality, American products like key fobs, belts, and dog collars. They make amazing gifts and support a great company.

P.S. Vita3Max is a new, innovative weight loss product that may give you the kick-start you need for your weight loss plan. It’s ‘3 to set you free!’

Leaf_standsP.S. The Leaf Mount is a collapsible aluminum stand for your tablets and smart phones. It’s not only beautiful but also completely functional to grip your device with micro suction technology. Support the campaign on Kickstarter today!

P.S. If you’re a gamer and you like watching game reviews or getting information on the latest trends you should check out youtube=http://www.youtube.com/user/JibbyGee! He’s going to be internet famous!

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