Happy National Spay Day USA!



Today we mourn the loss of one of my favorite projects. My beautiful, beautiful cup honoring the nearly-mine AltuGlass Marigaux was mysteriously found shattered on the floor this afternoon when I came back home for lunch. I’m not pointing any fingers, nor am I out for blood, but it did crush my heart and send a punch to the gut to see my poor baby lying on the floor in pieces. May she aid the transfer of hot tea to the lips of angels in heaven – I’ll miss you dear friend. I’m not even sure I can celebrate today with this weighing so heavily on my heart. Spay your pets, ladies and gentlemen.


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P.S. Eric and I still need to get our wedding bands and while we both have a little bit of an idea about what we want we have yet to do any real searching. Click on that link to go to an article with a little bit of insight that might prove very helpful!

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