Happy National Cupcake Day!



This is the day that started everything! This is the very holiday that led me to realize there are hundreds, nearly thousands like it. National Cupcake Day started my crazy holiday journey, which oddly enough is nearly over! I know we still have all of March because April 1 makes 365 days, but that’s barely over a month… What next? This day in history? Celebrity birthdays? Another go-around with fresh photos and celebration? If you have any say and want this to continue growing, which I hope you do, please comment any suggestions that you have for me! I’m almost literally all ears!

You may notice in the photo that I’m holding nearly everything but a cupcake. Silly me… I had a free Subway cookie coming my way for answering a survey and then I opted for a blueberry scone with my latte. The internet in our apartment building is completely out of commission, or at least less than reliable, at the moment so I’m getting some work done in the reed room on campus. If I was at home I would take the opportunity to snack on whatever I have lying around but unfortunately there’s not a cupboard ten feet away from me. I splurged, I’ll admit it! All in the name of cupcakes – or at least their pastry cousins!


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