Happy National Curling is Cool Day!



My hair is straighter than anything so even with it twisted up into a twirly bun all day this is as curly as it gets. My curling iron is up in Portland so this is about as much effort as I’m going to put into it! It never seems to last anyway! I love my hair color and how easy it is to deal with (ponytail and go) but sometimes I wish it was a little more willing to style because curling is pretty, and I guess kind of cool too.

Curling iconCurling on the other hand is actually pretty cool. For as much flack as they get I think it’s very fun. I’ve never played, or seen anyone play in real life, but I’ll admit that I turn the channel over to watch if it’s on during the Olympics. Even their uniforms are cool! Have you seen those Norwegians? Styling!


scentsyP.S. I love Scentsy! They always smell so great and are really affordable with fun lamps. You can purchase them here at This Scentsy Store and everything ships straight to you for ultimate convenience.

P.S. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp is the unabridged story with interactive graphics and vivid illustration. You can find it on the App Store plus follow them on Facebook and @bestgoodmove on Twitter!

_bloggygiveawaysfbprofileP.S. Bloggy Giveaways – Find Giveaways. Score Deals. Claim Freebies. Win Big! Such a cool way to find easy giveaway contests and find fun blogs to follow. Win-win!

P.S. Support this great project to produce a professional, high-quality children’s picture book through backing on Kickstarter. The hardcover children’s picture book will be a very basic introduction of Lowe Syndrome and there will be an additional page at the end similar to a toddler flap book that will explain more about Lowe Syndrome that is easy to understand.


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  1. You have beautiful hair so don’t worry about whether or not it curls. By the way, thanks for featuring us!

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