Happy National Mother Language Day!


English has lost a little bit of its spark while French still has the great newness that captures my attention. I’m pretty lucky that English is my mother language though because it’s the language of the world and writing in it has opened up a lot of doors. English is the best! There’s way too many rules with way too many times it doesn’t apply… Gotta love it!


P.S. Shopping Sherlock finds you the best deals! With the best prices and so much more, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, it offers great earning potential and you can become a Sherlock distributor to get even more out of this amazing company.


P.S. Wishi helps you find new outfits out of the clothes you already own by snapping pictures on your phone, removing the background, and leaving just your clothes so you can virtually mix and match. It’s an innovative social media outlet for your closet! Plus, you can access it via Facebook or iPhone app.

P.S. Tweaking Life gives you tips and tricks to tweak you life. From home and kitchen, health, finance, to parenting you can find blog posts to help you through anything. This one about the Fear of Missing Out is especially great. If you feel dependent on the internet this is super worth the read!


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