Happy National Single Tasking Day!

single tasking


Single tasking? Ha! No, no way. I’m a multitasking fiend and if I had another monitor besides my laptop I would be doing even more. I decided to start the House of Cards series on Netflix because apparently even the President watches it. So far it’s a little dark for me but I can’t judge off the pilot. Then on the side I have an article and the research needed to complete it. I have a list piling up that I neglected yesterday and so there’s no time for wasting time. Although I guess having Netflix open at all is kind of detrimental to my progress!


P.S. Are you interested in acrylic painting? This ebookEasy Abstract Paintings in Acrylics, has step by step instructions so that you can paint along with each step and match the final product! Finally painting is easy and fun!

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P.S. My Tube Designs has the coolest wallpapers and designs that you can use to spruce up your YouTube channel art, Twitter, or Facebook cover. They just celebrated 4 years of decorating your internet platforms and their work is so cute to match any personality or style!


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