Happy National Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day!


Uhhh… I’m not quite sure what to make of this one, much less how to celebrate! I suppose this is a mildly great feat? Today nothing great happened, or at least nothing of this caliber. It was just my usual, super long Tuesday. Actually, my French film class was cancelled due to a major tech glitch (how do we watch a movie with no sound!?) so I had extra time and just got a coffee, sat, and chatted for a while! It’s nice to slow down and just be for a while, not do. I bet whoever milked that cow wasn’t just hanging out and chilling…


P.S. Eric and I will be in close quarters next year if we can ever find a little Portland apartment. These Murphey Space Saving Tables are super cool! Coffee table and dining table in one? Perfect! I’m definitely entering their free table give away contest!

P.S. Clobber is soo awesome! Their printing technique allows for intensely vivid photographic images to cover the entire piece of fabric. Someone get me this sweater!! I need it!!


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