Happy National Crab Races Day!


I’m often asked how I came up for the idea for this blog and stumbled upon national holidays. Well, actually it isn’t a new phenomenon for me. I was watching a cake show, my favorite, junior year of high school and they mentioned that it was national cake day. It instantly caught my attention and I looked up the daily holidays for every day of the year. It was just a fun thing I would tell my friends and laugh about in the morning but it wasn’t a big deal. That faded and then last year Eric and I decided we should start a hobby; I take on a blog, he takes on a vlog. He obviously bailed and I jumped back on the holiday train. With that bit of back story you can now appreciate these photos.

Way back in 2011 when I was still living in the WAHS band room and had about seven times the number of friends I have now I made sure to celebrate this one! At lunch we created a ‘race track’ and set up a crab racing tournament. Ah, this brings back good memories and it was fun to search through my old photos to do dig these up. Today is a retrospective celebration that makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!


P.S. You really can fund anything on the internet! This super cool guy has started a CrowdFunding campaign to raise money to buy a used Ferrari. You can help him out and learn more about his journey at My Ferrari Dream!

P.S. The creators of the independent dramatic show “Bennight Brothers” announce a crowd-funding campaign to continue production of their web series. You can watch full episodes at http://vimeo.com/user21286051 to get pumped, visit their Facebook page and hear their donation pitch here at http://vimeo.com/85748618!

soulcentre_logo (1)P.S. If you’re interested in Reiki, or Qi, you should visit Soul Centre. You can find more information about the universal life force energy and how to shape it for the best life and learn how to get into accredited Reiki classes.


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