Happy National Almond Day!



Today has been really, really wacky. Like, slime dumped on my head wacky. A guy on Fiverr has a youtube channel of people being slimed and offered to pay me to make a video for him. As we were stirring the green and blue food coloring into vats of cake batter and spraying shaving cream into a pie plate I just kept thinking ‘this is way too ridiculous!’. In fact, if we back up even further today that’s weird too. Eric and I went to Albertsons, which is going out of business, and everything is 90% off. We were searching for cheap food coloring and thought we should look there. We walked in and there are shelves tipped over and empty aisles blocked off with caution tape while people fighting through to grab the last freezer burned quarts of ice cream. It was literally like a scene taken from an end of the world film! I got 2 bottles of food coloring for 89 cents and dashed out of there, it was actually scary! People were even crazy eyed and shoving old ladies out of the way!

Alright… Now that all the crazy is out in the open we can celebrate a very normal holiday. I’m not a fan of nuts and almonds are at about the bottom of my list but I scarfed down a handful of them for today’s holiday. Happy holidays!


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