Happy National Gum Drop Day!



I threw Trident at my face for about 15 minutes to get these shots so I hope you like them! I don’t have any conventional gum drops so I let some gum drop! Clever, right?

It was a lovely Saturday with lessons, lots of oboe practicing, a piano hour, some article writing, and now it’s blog time before I get Eric from work. He quit at Goodwill yesterday at his lunch and took a shift at Shell today. So proud of him for doing his own thing and quitting the job that he hated. No more sorting trash and he can hang out and work the easiest job ever at Shell. I mean, they have wifi inside so they can watch YouTube on shift. I want to work there!


P.S. Honeym-oo-n.com has everything honeymoon! Eric and I are planning to go on a cruise because what’s better than a week long adventure with all the food we can eat? My mom’s trying to convince us we should go for a weekend to a cabin at the coast but if we’re only getting married once I want a real, fun honeymoon! This site has great inspiration.

P.S. JLJ Fitness offers online personal training for women of all ages and fitness levels. Each online program comes with your own certified personal trainer and their exclusive mobile fitness app. Come check them out at www.jljfitness.com!

P.S. This blog, Sex in the News, has daily posts that share the craziest new stories! It’s funny to see the messes people get themselves into. If you want to laugh and roll your eyes you should definitely check out this blog.


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