Happy National Valentine’s Day!


It’s Valentine’s Day! The holiday doesn’t mean much to me anymore because the thrill of receiving a Valentine from a mysterious crush is a thing of the past but it’s still fun. I got chocolate from mums and a lovely dinner at House of Noodle with mom, pops, and this handsome chap! My favorite Tom Yum soup and fried rice… oh man, my tummy is so, so full and I am so, so happy. What a lovely holiday to celebrate! It’s also National Have a Heart Day, National Condom Day, World Marriage Day, National Quirky Alone Day, National Bombshell Day, and National Call in Single Day! Such fun!


P.S. Zen Plugs are super great molded ear plugs that fit your ears perfectly! I hate getting water in my ears when I swim so this is the perfect solution. Plus, it’s perfect for any late nights with noisy neighbors when you need to get some sleep. And for a great price, too!

P.S. Flavor Living is running a fundraiser to get bottled water to West Virginia. There’s a crisis right now that you can help support and your donations go to deliver much needed hand sanitizer and water. Please go and donate to their IndieGoGo campaign.


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