Happy National Madly In Love With Me Day!



I am so unbelievably lucky that this guy is madly in love with me. I mean, how did life line up so perfectly that I met the man of my dreams when we were only kids? I know that at 19/20 we’re still far from the prime of our lives but it’s been amazing to grow up together the last 3 years as we were the kings of the school, parted ways, found ourselves in our first year of college apart, and have come back around for the second. Time passes so quickly and to look back it almost makes me dizzy. Was our first kiss really junior prom? Life just has a way of smacking me over the head sometimes when I forget how amazingly blessed I am and when I get caught up in things that don’t matter God places holidays like this to remind me to stop and take a minute to tell him how much I love him. I can’t imagine what I would do without him and I cannot, cannot, cannot, wait until August when we can start our next chapter. Being apart for school has definitely thrown its smattering of challenges at us but it’s made us both stronger, independent people who made the choice time and time again to stay together because we wanted to, not because we had to. We see things realistically, we’re not love lorn teens blindly following each other without a care (although I’m sure outsiders might believe so), and I think we’re doing it all right. It was right for us to be high school sweethearts, it’s right for us to marry young, and it’s right for us to try and figure out life together. Heavens knows it’ll hard either way, I’m just blessed to have someone with me along for the ride to make me laugh when things get rough. He’s madly in love with me and I’m madly in love with him! Happy holidays everybody! I think this was a good warm up for the mushy, smushy emotional marathon that will be tomorrow.


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Soutwestern Santa Fe SoupP.S. I’m not the best cook and I don’t have (m)any gadgets in my little dorm kitchen collection but I’m so excited for wedding presents so I can actually start a proper kitchen! Looking forward especially to a slow cooker so that I can make this great chili recipe with chorizo. Yum yum yum! Get the recipe here at Easy Slow Cook.com


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