Happy National Clean Up Your Computer Day!

clean computer


My mom’s always nagging at me to run the security scans on my computer and I just always seem to forgot so I can honestly say this holiday is an awesome reminder. It’s probably been about four months since I’ve done it last so you can only imagine what creepy hackers have hidden around my computer that need to be swept up. I can’t even begin to understand how hacking or software design works and I am super content to just be a master of things on the computer surface.

Ah, what a wonderful Monday. Seriously! Last week absolutely knocked the wind out of me and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to come up for air! In fact, I even turned my Fiverr to ‘vacation’ to stop all incoming orders until I had a chance to slug through my queue as it was. I can officially say that Fiverr’s back on, homework is caught up, piano midterm has been dominated, a new reed is in the making, my bed’s washed, and I feel so much better. 1000% back to myself; yes, I even intended the extra 0. I’m not one to throw around the term ‘it was a God thing’ because I feel it’s much too overused, but the snow storm was honestly a God thing. There’s no way I could have fully recovered if the rest of Thursday and all of Friday hadn’t been cancelled with snow. I still got home safe and sound for the weekend and the Bolt got me back up to Portland 5 minutes early of the estimate last night, even with snow and slush on the road (I swear, Amtrak needs to learn a thing or two from them). For him to give PSU a late start today was just the icing on top of the cake. God is good and I feel great again! Happy holidays everyone!



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