Happy National Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day!


I’m waving at Lindsey, I’m waving at Kecia, I’m waving at our new roommate Oh, and I’m waving all of my fingers at Portland! Hey neighbors! Care to wave your fingers back? I’m not quite sure why today we’re flailing our phalanges but I guess I’ll jump on board this train.

Speaking of trains I’m hopping on one to go home and the first thing we’re doing is going back to the doctor. I think my fever’s gone but I’m getting a little weird-ed out by the new symptoms arising… It’s like my body is sick with everything at once but with nothing in particular. This is absolutely bizarre so to the doctor we go. Hopefully I’m not stranded on the train in the snow blizzard for 6 hours. It says it’s running on time, we’ll see…


P.S. Solavei Wireless is an MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s technology and towers. You get unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $49 a month but you can earn money with your phone too. For every person that you refer to Solavei you can earn $5 a month! You can save, earn, and use some of the widest reaching towers in the market.

P.S. There’s a cool film studio start-up that’s landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico called Third Triumvirate Studios. They’re committed with a great 2 year plan that will bring more art to the area but they need a little help getting started. Visit their IndieGoGo campaign to see how you can help.

belly dancingP.S. This belly dancing course by Mariella, an expert belly dancer and coach, is the perfect way to learn some steps to gain confidence and be physically fit. It’s the perfect way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day! Click the photo to be directed to her link!

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