Happy National Lame Duck Day!



As you can see, I’m down and out today like a lame duck – how fitting, right? I can’t do anything and apparently I exhausted myself with classes this morning. I bucked up and went from 8:30-2 and I knew that I couldn’t make it until 6 so I was planning to ditch out on rehearsal and recital hour. Lucky for me God answered my prayers and sent in the snow so the remainder of the day was cancelled. Now I’m in bed, basically delirious with my itchy spider bite still ruining my arm (I never posted a photo, I realize now). And I have to take a quiz and midterm for my online class ASAP and write 30 articles for Fiverr. Great. When I’m running at my prime I don’t have any problem managing but the second I’m out – oh man, things get ugly. Now I’m just hoping that classes are cancelled tomorrow too so I can sleep more and then go home tomorrow afternoon to have my mother and Eric care for me all weekend, that is if the trains are running and I can get down there!


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