Happy National Digital Learning Day!

virtual learning


I’m out sick today… Not exactly sure what’s wrong with me but last night was not fun at all and I woke up constantly so I’m not well rested. The headache’s coming back but the nausea’s going away so I think that I might be able to go to class but it’s probably better to give myself a day off. I’ve been running at hyper-speed and I think my body needs a day to recuperate and fight off whatever this things is. Problem is I don’t know if I have the flu or just something weird because I don’t have a thermometer and I’m definitely not walking to Safeway. I miss my care team at home!

As for the digital learning, I’ve taken quite a few (well, like 4) online classes at PSU and I think it’s a bunch of bologna. Not only do they charge fees for every credit that’s online (my 6 credit class cost me about $400 extra last term) but the platform they use is not student friendly. They just did a re-vamp to it for this year and it’s incredibly hard to learn. I think I’ve finally figured it out but it was a nightmare the first few weeks as I couldn’t even find my assignments unless I clicked ‘backwards’ from the calendar on the home page. ‘Why are you taking classes online then, if you hate it so much?’ you might ask. It all comes down to scheduling. At 20 credits with the entire middle of my day packed with back-to-back music classes that don’t follow the normal school schedule I just run out of options. Even though PSU is a big school and this course will finish off my general education requirements (thank goodness) there’s not much that meets my specific needs. So here we are: online. Suffering through the digital age of education. At least I can do things at my own pace, sort of?


P.S. EpicWebs helps people with websites! I know I’m not the best at managing WordPress and I’ve learned just enough to keep me afloat and do everything I need. I know I’m for sure going to look through their troubleshooting guides the next time I need to do something I don’t have experience with. Better than editing it a thousand times to get it just right. What a cool service!

OLH_Logo_Final (1)

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