Happy (National) Birthday Facebook!


I had cake for breakfast and shared a post in your honor. I really don’t mean to complain and rain on your parade here but I do have to admit that I’m running a little ragged. Between 20 credits, practicing everything, principal in two groups, the blog, and Fiverr orders I am finding myself with just the perfect amount of time to get it all done. However, that leaves me without any spare time to relax. I guess you could consider sleeping ‘me time’ because I am in bed promptly at 9 or 10 and I won’t ever do the ‘I stayed up until 4 AM’ nonsense. When the day’s over, it’s over. Well, back off to the grind stone! I wish Facebook a happy birthday and you all a slightly less frantic day than mine. : )


BarkPlus_300_PackP.S. Bark+ is reinventing the way we deal with the worst chore that comes along with owning a pet! Their poop bags are biodegradable, extremely cheap, and high quality products that hang in their patented dispensers to pull out cleanly, one bag at a time, with no effort. It’s the best poop bag on the market and you can buy them here on Amazon!

P.S. PTSD The Enemy is a great cause that raises funds for those suffering from PTSD. You can buy a t-shirt to raise money and spread awareness and it makes a lovely gift as a charitable purchase. You can also find ‘PTSD The Enemy’ on CD. Feel free to contact info@ptsdtheenemy.com for further information.

P.S. FoodPooling is awesome! It’s like carpooling for meals. You can see who in your neighborhood has an extra plate or you can choose to sell or offer your own meals. It creates a vibrant community of foodies who are eager to share and eager to eat! I’m most fascinated by it as a means to have home cooked meals on trips! No more fast-food on the road when you can stop into someone’s kitchen!


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