Happy National The Day the Music Died Day!


Well, I know for a fact that the music is not dead. After music theory, wind symphony rehearsal, advanced class piano, and oboe lesson I know full well that it is still alive and kicking! As for me… I may have accidentally thrown myself into its grave. Well, I didn’t – rather, Fiverr did. Remember at the end of December when Fiverr really started taking off for me (the whole story is in my archives if you want to re-live that with me)? Well, it’s happened again. Open http://www.Fiverr.com and you’ll see my bright, shining face offering to write articles for you. That’s awesome, you say! Yes… and no. Yes- obviously exposure and lots of orders equals lots more money. No- 27 orders placed today with full class schedules that lie ahead. God is good, once again, but I wish he could have given me a little more advanced notice!


P.S. Veloxity has an ingenious product with the Universal Cell Phone Charger at a phone charging kiosk. You can rent or buy the cell phone charging station and with 6 individual lockers your customers and clients can come charge their cell phones. Perfect for businesses that want to keep people inside longer or for fairs to attract traffic to your booth. So smart!

P.S. Soggy Sacks are so cute and perfect for dragging home wet snow clothes! The bag is just the right size to carry while still fitting everything, the materials are blended to discourage mold/mildew, and it comes in a variety of fabric patterns. You can also have them customized for an extra adorable, useful sack. I would even use one for groceries since they repel water!

ACcomLogoP.S. Are you a landlord or real estate agent who rents out property? Check out ApplyConnect.com. ApplyConnect.com provides you with Experian credit, Vantage Score, eviction history, and nationwide criminal records… all FREE to the landlord. And the applicant pays only $28.50. Check us out at ApplyConnect.com and start screening today! Get connected!


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