Happy National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!



I’ve failed you. I’ve absolutely failed you! Ice cream is my favorite food and this is officially one of my favorite holidays but I just couldn’t do it! I woke up this morning and just felt oddly nauseous so as I took the ice cream out of the fridge and as I imagined eating it I just had to put it back. I choked down some tea for breakfast before I gave lessons this morning and ate my yogurt afterwards when I felt a little better. Don’t worry though, I will have ice cream tonight. I just couldn’t handle it so early n the morning. My apologies to all of my fans, ice cream companies, and the cows who gladly gave their milk who I let down today. Better luck tomorrow, I guess!


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P.S. Spring cleaning is right around the corner so visit www.letsbpositive.com to connect with Silvie Maryl and learn about modern cleaning with a mix of old school cleaning. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also faster. Spray, wipe, and watch the magic! “Clean house, clean mind!”


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