Happy National Pre-School Fitness Day!


I’m not a preschooler so I took this to mean ‘before classes’. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even come close to the gym this morning! I walked briskly to clarinet tech but I didn’t even make my way up many flights of stairs. I’ve been thinking I should ditch the ice cream and put on my fancy walking shoes but alas it hasn’t happened yet! Today was no different so I’m sorry that I couldn’t celebrate today; or rather, didn’t have the will to!

Today I went to urgent care because I got a spider bite last night that’s swelled up my arm! After about two hours sitting in a waiting room chatting with mom the doctor wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and has me under strict orders to watch it in case it gets worse. She thought it might be a hobo spider bite and I have to admit hearing that dropped my heart quite a bit! First thing I’m doing when I get back is searching under my bed and in all the dark nooks and crannies for any big, hairy visitors! Ick! Just the thought of sharing my bed with a hobo spider gives me the chills! Blech. Pray for me and any unwanted visitors!


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riseandshindcdcatalogue_medP.S. Jazz saxophonist Matt Renzi’s new CD “Rise and Shine” is now available on itunes. Click on the link to pick up a copy: HERE! The album features Matt’s long-time NY trio along with some very special guests.


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