Happy National Thomas Paine Day!

thomas paine


My public education has not failed me! I saw this holidays today and I knew exactly who this fellow was. Thanks teachers along the way for filling me with not-so useless knowledge. Well, if you consider the context this may still be considered arbitrary… Nevertheless! I knew right away that he was a revolutionary writer and he wrote the infamous pamphlet Common Sense that commanded it to be common sense that America be away from the oppressive British rule. I propose that today we celebrate with common sense of a more modern fashion. We don’t have to fight the British off, although similar political systems are in place to be countered around the world, so let’s bring this one down to a less revolutionary level. Today I’ll be sure to look before I cross the street, not enter any unseemly situations, look at my key signature before I make a fool of myself, not leave my ice cream out on the counter, and have overall common sense. Can you imagine what it would be like to not have any common sense at all? Thanks Tommy for reminding us it’s an important thing to have if you want to get anything done!


P.S. Lesson Vendor is a place to offer services, like the Fiverr that I know and love, specifically for lessons. The site just launched in Toronto and is already featuring a lot of cool lessons. The moment it swings over to the West Coast I think I’ll have to take advantage of this! A lot of sites take an unfair cut but this site connects you to clients for free. Oboe lessons anyone?

P.S. Rustie MacDonald has a BlogTalk Radio Program that focuses on the organic rawness of the human experience. Motivating and challenging through a variety of topics is always the intention of the program, as well as to inform listeners and to create a moving, entertaining hour. Tune into her bi-weekly shows for insight to the body, mind, and soul!

P.S. At Gift Pens.com you can make the ‘write’ impression with personalized, engraved pens. Gifting pens is fun because the client, business partner, or friend can actually use the gift every day. Plus, the pens that they sell are high quality built with sturdy materials for comfortable glide and longevity. It’s the perfect gift!


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