Happy National Kazoo Day!



It’s any wonder that I’m a functioning adult because I have to re-teach myself how to play this darned thing every time I play one; which is not often, mind you. Or is it because I’m an adult that I’ve lost my innate ability to play this magical instrument? Is it something you grow out of – Santa Claus, silly putty, go-fish, kazooing? I borrowed this bright pink kazoo from my mom’s classroom, would a middle school band room not be complete without a garbage bag full of them, when I saw the holiday coming up. I was definitely not going to be unprepared for this one! Whip out your kazoos, if you have them, and play along with something grand, like Brahms, just to prove that you can have childish fun in an adult world!


P.S. Native Treasures of New Mexico sells authentic Native American Jewelry, Pottery, and Kachinas. I just love intricately painted, interesting pottery and when Eric and I get our dream house I’ll be sure the tops of the cupboards are lined with it. How about this one for starters?

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