Happy National Thomas Crapper Day!


Most people who recognize his name aren’t really sure of the facts they associate with him. Let’s play a little game to see how much you know about the legend. Go ahead and check all of the facts that you think are true about our friend, Mr. Crapper! When you submit the poll you can see what everyone else thinks too.

Have you entered all of your answers? The paragraph below should clear up any discrepancies.

The truth is, he was British but that’s the only true fact on the list. Much to the public’s dismay, he did not invent the flush toilet. The real inventor was the poet John Harrington in 1596. As for Crapper, he was a plumber by trade and he did improve the design but over the years he’s accrued more than his share of fame because of his name. He also doesn’t deserve the title ‘Sir’ as he was born into poverty and ‘John’ has followed him along falsely just to support the humor in his last name. Also, we aren’t celebrating his birthday, but rather his date of death. It’s fitting to celebrate the end, I suppose.


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