Happy National Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement!


This holiday originates from a small schoolhouse in Kalamazoo, Michigan that an elderly student told stories about. The infamous country school, Toad Hollow, was the site of legendary tales and was passed down through adventurous tales. A phrase that followed Toad Hollow is, ‘the true location is not found on any map, but rather only in your heart’. Today I encourage you all to listen to your heart and find your own Toad Hollow where you can be courageous and wildly successful. Share a kind word with your fellow man and enjoy the holidays!


P.S. Global Family Yoga is where it’s at if you are interested in resources and support for teaching yoga to children. They have a super special offer available through the end of January to combine the benefits of home study with Ohana membership. When you participate in both together you receive a wealth of information along with “live” support and a ton of additional resources. It’s a $784 value that is being offered for just $397 until the end of the month. – http://globalfamilyyoga.com/home_study/

P.S. GNS Chocolate provides people with a better quality of chocolate. The chocolate has benefits ranging from giving energy, without crashing, helping with inflammation, helping with some pain relief, and helping you lose weight! Eat more healthy chocolate! Many ways to contact them at www.gnschocolate.com/livesmart.com – Email: mrdcal916@gmail.com – Phone: 916 672 2182

P.S. Weight loss through intermittent fasting has never been easier with the Roman Fitness System! Follow the link to find everything you need to get started and be successful like coaching and other cool stuff – http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com/

IMG_4926P.S. Color Me Clayful is a new start up paint your own pottery shop with inspiring, passionate owners. They’re fundraising to move to a larger facility and need support to jump their business to the next level. I love painting at my local shop and have made many art pieces I’m really proud of. In fact, Eric and I just went last weekend and I painted my beautiful mug to commemorate the beautiful clear oboe I didn’t choose to buy. I love getting lost in painting projects, getting my background gradient just right. If you love it too you can donate here!



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2 responses to “Happy National Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement!

  1. I feel special…Thank you Carrie! =)

  2. we have three toad hollow days…the statement toad hollow is in your heart came as a answer to questions I was ask at my storytelling about toad hollow… another has been :toad hollow is where imagination comes alive ..dreams come true..and olde fashion values are honored we have three toad hollow days :the day of encouragement the toad hollow day thank you and one other…the day of thanksgiving …. nice article , thank you

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