Happy National Talk like a Grizzled Prospector Day!



There’s a slew of celebration to be reveled in today as it’s National Talk like a Grizzled Prospector Day, National Beer Can Day, National Belly Laugh Day, National Peanut Butter Day, and National Compliment Day! They don’t all mix too well but I figure it’s nice because we can have the pick of the lot! Let’s go down the list and celebrate together!

1. Grizzle isn’t exactly my defining feature but I suppose I can give it a try? “Dagummit, the feller down the crick been mighty tormentin’ as o’ late. In account of his damn horse bein’ lame n worn. Ya’thinkin I care? Sonny, get yer own work done! Ima be rich soon and holler atya in the ditch thur – owwweee!”

2. I don’t drink and unfortunately I don’t even have a soda can to substitute. Care for a crystal light, anybody?

3. I definitely did belly laugh today! I had a terribly funny dream the other night so of course I had to recount it to someone… I could barely get through the darn thing without busting up. Apparently I think very highly of myself in my dreams and I am a terrible problem solver – belly laugh for sure!

4. I just made some pancakes for lunch after class and put a bit of peanut butter on it with some syrup to top. Deeeelicious.

5. Shout out to Lindsey for making my day when I walked into the apartment ready to collapse after this long, hectic week she complimented my lip color and said I look pretty. Exactly what I needed!


P.S. This guy, Terry, is unbelievably inspiring. He’s raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation that does research for NF (Neurofibromatosis). As part of this goal he’s taking part in the Race for a Purpose and plans to raise 5K for his contribution. His story is very inspirational and the work that he’s doing is so important. Check out his Facebook Page to learn more about his story and find out how to donate to this amazing cause.

P.S. Free Auto Traders Plus is the place to visit if you’re looking to buy a new car. You can search for the perfect vehicle by color, make, model, year, or location and they have hundreds of satisfied customers who have found exactly what their looking for through their site.

P.S. Figuring out the big scary world of ‘college’ was a huge endeavor and I felt like I had to do most of the figuring out on my own. Lucky for everyone now there’s College Search Tool which is the #1 source for students searching for information about schools, programs, scholarships, grants, and everything else. It’s all in one place, and it’s free!


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