Happy National Handwriting Day!



I realized that I actually don’t write by hand much anymore… All my essays are typed, my online class has typed discussions (obviously), quizzes are so often multiple choice, and my music classes are musical notation not scripting. It’s definitely not like a lost art or anything, but even my to-do lists are on my phone. Something to think about, I suppose.

Thank goodness this is easy to celebrate today; it’s also National Pie Day but I’m going to skip on that since I lack the resources and time – unless someone wants to bring a slice of pie to orchestra? My life is hectic. Geez. Nothing is suffering, yet, but I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed with everything that I’ve put on myself. Yesterday I made myself one hour of free time out of the entire day, which was really just staying up an hour later than I would have preferred to watch an episode of Downton Abbey. Today I have 2 ‘free hours’ which of course are to be spent blogging, Fiverring, and homeworking. I should also squeeze oboe time into that too but I know it’s not going to fit. I never give myself more than I can handle, but I have to admit that right now it’s getting up close to the top. Back to work!


P.S. I think if I could throw anything on top of my giant pile of ‘time sucks’ I would add indoor gardening. I would love to have the smell of fresh dirt in the apartment and it would be so fun to grow my own food, even in the high-rise, city setting. I can master hydroponics, right? Just get a growing light and make an herb garden to grow plants! Next project, check!

P.S. I came across a nice blog about health, weight loss and relationships related topic. Blogany.net is different than most because it’s not ‘preachy’. Everyone knows we should have better health and relationships – this blog is supportive about how to achieve our goals. And check out their Facebook page!

P.S. I’m so excited about this blog, A Nomad’s Dream because I love consistent posting blogs that give you a look into the interesting parts of people’s lives (I know sometimes this blog doesn’t hit the ‘interest’ bar very high). They left their 9 to 5 jobs to start traveling the world and their stories are so delightful! Follow along with them on their journeys!


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