Happy National Answer your Cat’s Questions Day!



Oh, mister cute kitty cat, I can’t even face you. I’m sorry, okay! I’m just sorry. You’re adorable, you’re soft, you purr, and you can fit into adorably small things. Can we just leave it at that? I know, I know, that’s not a good answer. It’s not you – it’s me. How’s that? Okay, I’ll be honest – I might like you if I didn’t have a dog to compare you with. You’re so somber and devilish… Maybe I don’t want you to suffocate me and burn up my laptop with a fur-ball because I’m actually doing something. I like you from a distance, I just need some space away from you. We’re not meant to be together, and that’s fine. Besides, mister imaginary cute kitty cat, I do like you – just a little bit.


P.S. Perfumereviewguide.com is a super useful site that provides reviews of perfumes and some general information related to them. It’s the worst to read ‘notes of tangerine and parsley’ online, order the darn thing, and find that the scent actually translates to ‘old lady’. Reviews give you real advice before you spend money on something that can quickly become a big investment! Plus, if you’re not sure what to get your special lady, perfume is a great idea and they have lots of ways to help you find the right one!

P.S. XSeed is the perfect nutritional system and it provides a newly launched social marketing opportunity. You finally have an opportunity to get involved helping people become healthier and to earn income at the same time. Win-win!

P.S. Atlanta Bonded is a Georgia based company that invests in facilities, technologies, and people to suit your storing and transportation needs. Their temperature controlled warehouses and truck fleet are perfect for any business needs. They even have confectionery warehouses that store candy! So cool!


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