Happy National Hugging Day!



Today marks three years almost exactly when Eric and I started staring longingly into each others’ eyes. I remember I was on my holiday kick back then too and I was so excited that this holiday coming up. The band room was our stomping ground so obviously all of our high school pictures have the same background; this one is no exception. It was after school and I think we had just gotten back from a field trip or an outing of some sort.I tossed my phone to a friend and he hugged me tight. Little butterflies danced around and that’s when he stole my heart. … Well, that’s not quite true – I’m not that much of a romantic sap! The point is, staring at this old photo brings back a lot of really great memories and although the majority of the past has faded from my memory, this one still means quite a lot. Hug someone close today! I suppose I’ll just have to settle for a picture right now.


P.S. I think JewelryKind.com is one of the few jewelry stores out there that shows the jewelry on real models so that the customers to have a better idea of how a ring looks on a finger, and so on. it gives us customers a better idea of how the piece of jewelry looks regarding the size, shine etc. We finally have a chance to know what we’re ordering!

P.S. Another trend I’ve been following lately has been nail polish; although lately I’ve had more luck collecting it than painting with it. I had to upgrade from a bag to a shoe box and now I’m all the way up to a full tuppermaid bin!Polishracks.com is where I’m headed to get a great polish rack to actually show them off! Plus, there’s a treasure trove of nail inspiration at Pinterest.com/jgaltney/!


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