Happy National Cable Car Day!



It’s Friday and that means I’m back home for the weekend! It was a darn long journey because I had to travel through Amtrak, but I finally got here. Finally, being the operative word. I first took the MAX, and yes I actually bought a ticket to ride for 10 minutes because I’m way too scared of getting fined, and then hopped on the bus. The Bolt bus is so much better, not only because it’s a quarter of the price, but also because it’s always exactly on time. Unfortunately, though, the last Bolt bus leaves during my piano class and I couldn’t skip today. So instead I had to spend four hours making a one hour trip – that’s always a pleasure. Oh, and it’s also National Judgement Day so Amtrak, you should know I’m definitely judging you: no plugins, no wifi, and three hours wasted? … Yep. Judging.


P.S. YouCierge is awesome because they’re at your service to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. They can help you pick out your new phone or even create travel itineraries for your next trip. These things can’t be typed into a search engine because they are unique situations that require a real human’s help. They’re your personal information concierge!

P.S. Derek Armstrong’s new song, #Turntup, will get your head bobbing and will pump up your day. The great electronic dance groove is so catchy and fresh. Preview, download, and enjoy #Turntup right now!


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