Happy National Women in Blue Jeans Day!

Snapshot_20140116_3 Hello!

It’s always weird for me to think that women just started wearing jeans basically within the last century. When I hear stories of my mom’s childhood I’m just shocked. Like, she had to wear knee-high socks with her skirts until she was in high school because she wasn’t even allowed to wear panyhose until she was 16! Nothing wrong with it, just a different time. Well, actually my grandparents might have been a little behind the newest trends, but I think that happens with every generation.


I wear American Eagle blue jeans each and every day because they’re so comfortable and classic! However, today was a little different. I had to play our oboe trio piece to open my professor’s recital this afternoon so I had to look a little more dressed up and jeans weren’t in the decided uniform. It was black on bottom, pop of color on top so it was a black dress for me and the daily scarf on top. After I played there I had to immediately dash off to my French Film class and give a presentation; just another reason jeans just were not acceptable! I’m not one to love speeches, although I’m fairly decent at them, but 15 minutes for a speech is just too longNow imagine you’re teaching the class for 15 minutes in another language. Yikes. Well, with a bit of help preparing from my Frenchie Marion, I totally nailed it. About halfway through I stopped intentionally putting the pieces together in my mind to form sentences and all of those nasty grammar pieces just flowed out naturally. By the end of it I was nearing 20 minutes and was actually a little sad my time was up. I’m pretty darn proud of myself! I’ve still got it, folks!


Oh, and of course the moment I got home after French I slipped back into jeans – duh. Happy holidays! : )



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