Happy National Hat Day!



Welp, there goes my first hair do of the New Year that I thought actually looked decent… I rarely wear hats and I only brought this one up with me because of my regret when my ears fell off during the subzero cold spell in December and I was hat-less. Temperature is the only thing that can impel me to wear one!

“Funny” story… So in apartment searching for September when Eric and I will get our first place we’ve, mainly I’ve, fallen in love with this beautiful restored old building right on the edge of campus. I thought I would stop into their office and ask about a wait list or a tour because they hadn’t been super friendly online. I buzz into the office and no one lets me in so I stand around for a minute until someone exits the building so I can dash inside. Only apartments on the first floor so I try the basement next. I walk down the stairs and hesitantly open a dingy, unmarked door to find a dimly lit hallway. There are mailboxes, the laundry room, an electrical room, and about seven other unmarked doors that line the dark hallway; behind one of which is a man screaming obscenities and stomping around. I pressed on to find a locked door with a half-ripped off ‘Office’ sticker. After a short bit of standing around and pondering my options the man became even more raucous and got a little louder, which I assumed meant closer, so I ran back upstairs and onto the street, a little unnerved. Following logic out of order, I then called the number on the website to find that the real office is four blocks away. When I got there I found out that they don’t even have a wait list and they don’t know anything about their apartment availability until about a month in advance! All for nothing. Sometimes I seem to get myself into situations where in the moment I think, “what’s the worst that could happen, I’m fine,” and then afterwards when I get my brains back I think, “No, seriously. What’s the worst thing that could happen as a young female, alone in a building I don’t know, in a dark basement, with an angry man I also don’t know just one door away.” It’s times like these when I know for a fact that I have much less common sense than I ought to.



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