National Clean Your Home Day!

IMG_4893 Hello!

Spring cleaning come early this year? I was just thinking yesterday that the air felt very ‘springy’ and brought me back to our San Francisco trip last spring break. With the window open next to me in piano it was just cold enough to give me goosebumps but it was so fresh that I just didn’t even mind. I can be really weird and certain feelings or smells hold connections for me that no one else agrees with and had I closed my eyes yesterday I just might have been wandering through the warfs.


Luckily for me, my room is almost always in an orderly state. The occasional pile of clothing or pair of shoes on the floor are to be collected but other than that I’ve always been one to enjoy a clean living space. Yesterday and today’s holidays are really helpful and encouraging. Easy to celebrate too, huh?


P.S.Growth and Education is a resource for people who want to work from home, start their own business, or be more successful in their current jobs. There are many websites like this that are available to you with conflicting advice and false information but @growthedu only includes things that have worked for real success stories. What are you waiting for?

P.S. Artistic Home Owner is an online company that sells beautiful wall murals from their online gallery of images. They also help their clients create custom wall murals from their digital photos or artwork. It’s never been easier to create a one-of-a-kind, beautiful accent wall that can suit any interior decorating theme. Eric, we’re definitely getting that clear Marigaux oboe blown up across the wall of our first house!!

OSIOSP.S. OSIOS is an amazing new program you can use to create app posters in under 5 seconds using an image – share with friends for fun, or for business! Make the most of every new bit of technology to impress clients and do fun techy stuff for your own interests! Watch the video below for more information:


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